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Tuesday 05/2 2017
Beware The Wolf: Can Esports Prevent Its Inevitable Match-Fixing Scandal?

“It’s a level of foresight that no other league has enjoyed in such relative infancy. As a result, Smith has set a lofty expectation: To be the first major sport to head off a sweeping match-fixing scandal well before it strikes.

‘Every single sport [with the exception of golf] has only put proper match-fixing regulations and procedures in place after they’ve been hit by a major match-fixing scandal,’ Smith said. ‘And my message to esports from day one has been, ‘Let’s do this before the scandal.’ If you want to wait ’til afterwards, that’s fine, but it’s gonna be a hell of a lot harder and a lot more painful once your industry is rocked by a major scandal to do something meaningful about it.’

But ESIC can only do so much. ESIC is a coalition of parties, which means it has no jurisdiction over anyone that isn’t a member. This is not, in other words, a governing body which dominates the landscape and has the teeth to implement sweeping sanctions. Even if the match in question was conducted by an ESIC-affiliated organization, Smith cannot force the organization to take any action. All Smith can do inform the tournament operators, the books, and law enforcement of ESIC’s suspicions, and hope they respond accordingly.

‘And this is the problem that we face,” he says. ‘In a sense, I’m the man who cried wolf. The only difference is, I know the wolf is coming.’”

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Tuesday 09/22 2015
Incarcerated Games and How They Are Played

“So you’ve got the target, and guys get lined up to play; usually you set a number of points, like 10. If you’re the first guy to the point total, that’s it, you win. Then everyone else is playing to determine who is last. That guy will have to adhere to the big bet, like some coffee or deserts or push-ups. You also get prop bets on the side: let’s say the winner has already won, and you and I are just sort of in the middle of the pack. I can look at you and be like “I bet you I get one point higher than you. I’ll bet you a honey bun.” Then we do it, straight up. Whether we win or lose overall, we still have our bet.

The thing to realize about the gambling is that on the inside, everything has value. If you have money, you can gamble money. Or you can gamble food or beverages from the vending machines. Honey buns and fucking Coca-Cola are primetime items. Coffee? Coffee is fucking money. If you have coffee when the commissary is out? Man, you can run a whole fucking block off of coffee. And if you were somehow able to smuggle in cigarettes? You’re King Shit and you could gamble whatever the hell you want.”

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