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Thursday 04/13 2017
Houses on the Sand: “Sunshine State,” Real Estate, and Our Future

“Florida is nothing if not a haven for builders and dreamers, down low where the laws are looser and the warm weather means construction season never ends. Cheap swampland is converted into mansions and country clubs, orchards into a Magic Kingdom, the Everglades into sugarcane fields.

How American is it, this rush to build in an inhospitable place? To turn aside nature and decide to build atop it? How darkly, cruelly, perfectly American is it that a “housing first” approach to ending homelessness in a state with a dire need and an obsession with building is met with fierce hostility, as Gerard chronicles?

That all of those pricey lands, those millions of dollars in assets, will soon be washed away hasn’t slowed their proliferation. This, too, is America in microcosm; it is a blind hunger for lucre and a blind faith for solutions, a bet that either the payout will be worth it or American ingenuity will beat back the seas. Sunshine State does not provide easy answers to any of the questions it dredges up, nor is it meant to; it is left to the reader—and the nation—to sift through the mangrove mud and crab carapaces.”

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Wednesday 11/12 2014
The Invisible (Yet-Most-Visible-In-History!) Empire

“Assange, though his name may well be, at this point, a synecdoche for cyber-terrorist, the 21st-century horror—comes off in his own book as an eloquent, if not unbiased, guide. He turns out to be a shockingly good author, particularly in light of some media stereotyping suggesting a pallid oracle with the sphinx’s leash betwixt his teeth and a bald eagle around his neck, his chemical eyes glowing in the night as government adjules bay outside his window.”

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