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Wednesday 07/12 2017
Positive Mass: Chris Uphues at Linda Warren Projects

” … radiant and giving off a palpable … vibe, a kind of psychic heat, Heavy Sunshine, buzzing from the apian engine which drives it with the cosmic exigency which only derives from density, an immensely dense little star of positivity, happy imagery—flowers, mountains, clouds, houses, bees, bunnies, books, baseballs, brick facades, bananas, watermelon slices, apples and pineapples and mushrooms, computer monitors, keys, clocks, lampshades, pyramids, the majority made animate, all gaping eyes and content smiles stretching across their faces like cats in a sunbeam—condensing into a heavy star, loosed now and setting in to a dark sea obliterating, by virtue of its weight, all that lays before it, so long as any wavelength still finds its mark among the rods and cones … “

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Monday 11/16 2015
Dreams of a Designer

“The lovely upholstered blobs of the “Gummi” series—in oh-so-fashionable and marketable cream, crimson, and coal—practically beg, with distended tongues and puppy dog eyes, to be caressed, collapsed upon and enjoyed with a blunt and a hi-fi in a living room out of a Jim Steranko comic, but they are not truly furniture, lacking as they are any ergonomic amenities, people properly excluded for aesthetic. So, too, is the suspended mirror or cushion contraption of “HdL (orange)”—a barber’s fever dream device consisting of a floating Spanish orange ottoman and a round mirror—a seemingly benign furnishing which refuses to be availed of with the haughty dismissal of its lofted position and the mirror’s laughable proximity to the surface, making it suitable for opticians and serial killers only. “

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