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Saturday 04/8 2017
A Predictable Nature: “Feral” Falls Short

Feral’s fatal flaw is that it’s built around a simple but powerful idea: that men—who already rape, kill, beat, threaten, humiliate—simply give in as ferals to this horrifying undercurrent of aggression. The novel had a chance to allow men to see themselves for the threat they can so easily be. What Feral delivers instead is social issue lip service atop a standard issue “end of the world as we know it” warning shot of a story—slight, fast, loud and glancing.”

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Saturday 11/21 2015
Two Paintings with One Stroke

“To create the paintings, Fletcher prepares two canvases, one on the floor—his tee box—and another on the wall; these are placed in what he call his ‘kill room.’ The opaque box made with plastic sheeting, clamped to the overhead light fixtures via silver alligators, drape down to the floor like ghostly kudzu. Fletcher steps into a Tyvek coverall, drapes his mask around his neck, and picks up his implement of choice, an Illinois-made Tommy Armour ‘Big Scot’ 7 iron, to tackle the par 3 opening of his second series.”

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