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Monday 01/25 2016
Edge of History: Women’s Professional Hockey in Buffalo

“Five of the Beauts, for example, share a home in Hockey Haven, a beautiful manse built in 1920 near the southern edge of Delaware Park. It has hardwood floors, three floors of living space, and beautiful chandeliers. It also has a prominently marked security camera at its intersection, and the occasional sharp rapport of gun shots at night.”

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Saturday 01/9 2016
Dark Episodes

“A list of insurance claims taken out on pets drowned with the Titanic. A legend detailing the various forms of Chinese castrati. A detailed description—by the oh-so-fittingly named Sir Hamon L’Estrange—of a dodo a mere quarter century before the bird’s extinction. These moments are the winking epigraphs of grinning Death, gleaned from Giles Milton’s history of the bizarre, the obfuscated and the macabre.”

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Monday 01/4 2016
Flesh and Scale

“The sociopathic Gerard, a fearsome boy who is introduced setting a kitten ablaze, torments both siblings. A genuinely disturbing and well-written villain, he is far more monstrous than the creature from the ocean; the terror he causes bleeds off the page, and the reader’s only response to his arrival is a despondence even the most famously savage of characters cannot hope to inspire. There are more disturbing constructs—the internecine consciousness of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman springs to mind—but few paralyze with their capacity for violence and blank-eyed brutality as Gerard does.”

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